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Special note to out-of-town investors

Special note to out-of-town investors
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Best of 2016 WINNER!

Speculators from the West Coast and overseas are scooping up distressed Cleveland properties. 

Everyday my phone rings... I can usually tell by the west coast area code, it is yet another out-of-state investor trying to enlist me as their eyes and ears. Many of these investors have no intention of rehabbing, repairing, renting, or maintaining their already weary harvest. Buying properties for as little as $1,000, these speculators are merely holding properties in hopes of selling at a slight profit once the market rebounds.

Now, I'm not being critical of capitalism. Buy low, sell high is how it works. But somehow my Cleveland pride is bruised when these speculators have absolutely no interest in participating in the recovery, but only seek a little profit from it. When the intent is to purchase the property and do nothing with it, the blighting influence remains. Cleveland, either side of the river, is at risk. The effect vacated properties have on neighborhoods is horrific. They effect lower values, disrupt congruity, harbour decay and foster crime.  

If you are an out-of- town investor  who hopes to make a few bucks while breathing some life into a distressed Cleveland property, I may be able to assist you.

If you are an out-of- town buy and hold speculator, please take your business elsewhere, Cleveland can do without!

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